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Marketpath CMS Features for Developers

Complete output flexibility, faster go-live, and fully managed

How it Works


Decoupled and Headless

Marketpath CMS is a decoupled and headless CMS. The live site front end, isolated from the management backend, provides a simple API to distribute and reuse content across the web.

100% of Customizable Code

Develop how and what you want, with ability to Control 100% of Code Output. Don’t let other content management systems limit your abilities.

Fully Managed

Because Marketpath CMS is software-as-a-service, you don’t have to worry about availability, load-balancing, monitoring, backups, or updates. We handle all of that for you.


Go Live Faster with Marketpath CMS

Launch Faster

We built the system with developers in mind. With our package manager and the advanced import and export engine, reusing and updating code libraries or modules across multiple sites is a piece of cake.

Personalize Digital Experiences

Work freely with other developers and designers without worrying about additional licensing fees or complex development environments.

Marketer Friendly

Marketpath CMS uses standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build sites and Liquid template language as the powerful rendering engine.

Resources & Documentation

A developer working on his product

Developer Tutorial Series

Get started quickly and learn the ropes in our comprehensive developers tutorial series.

Liquid Template Language

Liquid is the presentation layer control logic that powers our sites. Liquid can be as simple as pulling in partial templates or as advanced as building complex personalization hierarchies.

API Reference

The Marketpath CMS API reference provides a full overview of accessing and using the Live and Manage APIs.

Key Developer Features

Marketpath CMS was built so developers can control both the editing experience and the rendered output.

Liquid Template Language icon in Marketpath brand colors
Liquid Template Language

Build robust rendering logic with the Liquid template language.

Stylesheet editing with CSS, LESS, and SCSS in Marketpath CMS

Build your sites with your favorite style sheet markup - regular CSS, LESS, or SCSS.

Marketing Automation

Simplify your marketing workflow and data distribution by connecting to over 1,500 other platforms.

Fast Cache Icon
Fast Cache

Cache all pages across your site for lightning fast page speeds.

Leverage partial templates to create pages for content editors to use in Marketpath CMS
Page and Partial Templates

Create templates for pages or partial templates for embedding in other templates.

Leverage object types or data already within Marketpath CMS
Included Object Types

Pre-built, structured data types to simplify development and editing.

Extensible Objects and Custom Fields are easy to use in Marketpath CMS
Extensible Objects and Custom Fields

Add new data fields and properties to objects and pages to create seriously customized websites.

Access Marketpath CMS' API
API Access

Automate content marketing efforts and data updates with the Marketpath CMS API.

Import and Export with Marketpath CMS
Import and Export in Marketpath CMS

Upload and download JSON, CSV, or XML files.

Websites in Marketpath CMS are power-driven for speed
Speed Optimized

Automated resource caching and page boost.

Manage large amount of data easily with Datastores, or repositories in Marketpath CMS
Custom Datastores

Build custom repositories of data that simplify editing and provide limitless opportunities for rendering and distributing data.

As many sites as you want and all free until go live | Marketpath CMS
Free Until Go-Live

All sites in Marketpath CMS are free until they are published to our live, load-balanced, worry-free environment.

Scale or crop images within Marketpath CMS
Advanced Image Editing and Presets

Resize, crop, rotate, brighten, sharpen, apply filters, and more with our advanced image editor.

Platform updates are automatic in Marketpath CMS
Automatic Updates

As a true SaaS product, Marketpath CMS provides regular features, fixes, and system upgrades at no additional cost.

Free SSL Certificates

Secure your site and form submissions with a free domain validated SSL Certificate


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Build custom websites faster, with complete control,
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