Rapid Development

Code reuse improves your ability to develop websites quickly. Marketpath CMS provides several tools to enable rapid development.

Imports & Exports


Marketpath CMS gives you the ability to export content or selected objects and their information within a site. You can export a list of articles, tags, or blog posts. You can also create and export a custom image gallery and its associated assets or a specialized contact page, including its template, style sheet, and form. And exports can be saved and rerun later after content or coding changes.


Marketpath CMS imports allow miscellaneous types of content to be migrated into a site, such as tags, datastores, pages, and more. Editors save time with the ability to not only import pages and blogs, but the ability to import on-page SEO ranking factors too. Developers can import custom libraries and partial templates. Import definitions can be saved and reused at a later time.

Development Sites

The import export engine can be used to export entire sites, including templates, style sheets, scripts, tags, forms, datastores, as well as content, such as images, documents, tags, articles, etc. An exported site can be an entire site, including its content, or a base framework like Bootstrap or Foundation.

Exported sites can be imported into a new site, dramatically reducing the development time before go-live.

Package Manager

Templated Items for you to use however and wherever in Marketpath CMS

The Marketpath CMS package manager allows developers to build customized packages for use and distribution between sites. When a package is used on a site and a new version is released, it can be set to update automatically, manually, or not at all. 

Developers are able to setup custom package repositories that can be shared with other agencies or accounts and submitted to the public package repository for use by anyone. Fee-based packages, one-time and subscription based will be implemented in the near future to allow developers to monetize their efforts.

More About Package Manager