Speed Optimized

Site speed has an enormous impact on the stickiness and visibility of your website. Visitors who reach your site and are greeted with slow-loading pages abandon the site more quickly. A slow-loading site can also lower your search engine ranking because search engines use load times as a ranking variable.

Site speed is one of the core considerations of the Marketpath CMS architecture. We are leveraging over two decades of content rendering experience to provide features that produce dramatic improvements in site speed. Couple that with web development best practices and your site can reach nearly instant load times.

Fast Cache

Dynamic sites often require a lot of processing to render the final HTML of a page. The more dynamic the site, the longer it takes to build and deliver it to visitors. Marketpath's Fast Cache feature eliminates resource intensive processing by caching the rendered page HTML after the first time the page is loaded, resulting in extremely fast delivery upon subsequent page requests.

Fast Cache is available to every site at every plan level, automatically and there is no configuration or special setup process. It can't get any easier than that!

Fast Cache Icon

Rapid Development | Marketpath CMS Feature

Resource Bundling & Minification

One of the top culprits of a slow site speed is too many external requests for stylesheets and JavaScript. Each request has a significant overhead and browsers only make a handful of requests at a time, queueing the rest until complete. Marketpath CMS bundles resources together, like stylesheets and scripts, reducing the total number of external requests and improving the overall load time of a page.

Marketpath CMS minifies stylesheets and Javascript which Minification is the process of removing unnecessary whitespace and renaming script methods and variables to shrink the size. This process significantly shrinks the download size, saving bandwidth and speeding up the overall page load time.

Have isolated instances with Marketpath CMS

Isolated Instances & Scaling

Marketpath CMS allows customers to have isolated instances. The default is a shared instance, which can be shared by hundreds of sites. For larger and heavily trafficked sites, however, isolated instances allow customers to free themselves from the traffic increases other sites may spawn.
Each isolated instance can then be scaled up (increased server capacity) and scaled out (more servers to handle the load).

Marketpath CMS uses CDNs which all for fast delivery of Internet content

Content Delivery Network

Images, documents, stylesheets, and Javascript are all delivered using the Marketpath CDN (content delivery network). Even resized images using our Image Presets feature are delivered via the CDN.