Extensible Objects and Custom Fields

Marketpath CMS provides base objects for various content types. Articles, authors, blog posts, calendar entries, images, and more are provided with pre-defined fields. For example, an article has a title, image, summary, and main content. An author has a first and last name, job title, bio, and other fields. 

Marketpath CMS offers the ability to extend these pre-defined content types with a large selection of additional field types, including checkboxes, plain text, rich text (HTML), toggle, URL, and more. We can also extend content types with other content types. An article can have a sortable image list or an article field to select a related article.

This flexibility gives Marketpath CMS a mesmerizing number of options for creating a great editing experience and a content-rich website.

Extendable Objects and Custom Fields in Marketpath CMS

Grouping of Extendable Objects and Custom Fields in Marketpath CMS


Editable areas on pages or structured data can be grouped together to simplify editing. For example, a group called "CTA" could be for a page's call-to-action settings and may contain a title, image, and destination URL. These fields would all be visibly grouped so the editor knows they are related.