Custom Datastores

Marketpath CMS Datastores allow you to build custom repositories of data that simplify editing and provide limitless opportunities for rendering and distributing data.

Object Fields

Datastore fields can be configured to select a single Marketpath CMS pre-defined object, such as an article, blog post, image, document, etc. A field can also be configured so an editor can select a list of these objects, such as a list of images or documents.

User Defined Fields

Common field types, such as text, checkbox, select, radio, text area, rich text (WYSIWYG), URLs, toggle, and more can be configured as datastore fields.



Datastore fields can refer to other datastores or datastore fields creating a type of relational database.

Validation & Conditional Displays

Datastore fields can be setup to be required and apply specific validation as editors enter content, including regular expression validation. Additionally, datastore fields can be shown or hidden based on the custom conditions creating a truly dynamic form.