Import & Export

We're developers ourselves and fully recognize the power and economics of reusable code. With Marketpath CMS you can craft completely custom sites and modules, then reuse all of the site or specific parts for new projects. Here are some other features of Marketpath CMS Import & Export tools:

  • Export lists of data to CSV (like form submissions or custom data stores)
  • Export one or more Marketpath CMS objects to JSON
  • Export objects, documents, and images to a zipped (compressed) file
  • Create custom reusable export definitions
  • Import data to custom data stores, form submissions, calendars, articles, blog posts, and more
  • Import entire sites from prior exports
  • Import packages, modules or custom libraries into an existing site
  • Create custom, reusable import definitions

This system is highly flexible and quite powerful. It was primarily built to speed up development by exporting and importing template sites.

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