Automatic Updates

Regular deployments with new features, fixes, and system updates

Platform updates are automatic in Marketpath CMS

Automatic Updates

Our goal is to provide you with powerful, new features and tools that make development and content editing easier and more efficient. We regularly push releases for new features, UI improvements, and fixes. These happen automatically, meaning you don’t have anything to update or manage.

You can find a comprehensive list and details of each release in our release notes at

Non-Breaking Updates

Our updates will not break your site because we don’t push changes that alter your rendered markup1. Before and after each release, we scan every site for differences. Any differences found are investigated and either fixed or a resource assigned to notify the customer and resolve the issue.

Compare this to other content management providers where a simple update causes multiple plugin failures, severely degrading or completely taking your site offline. There can be dozens of plugin developers to notify of these issues with no guarantee to fix them.

When we say fully managed, we truly mean it. Your site’s uptime is our primary responsibility. If something happens because of a change we made, it’s on us to fix.

1 There are rare cases where we have a compelling reason to change how markup is rendered. In the event this happens, we put together extensive plans to work with you and your team to mitigate the changes. We will scan every site for affected code and then the bulk of the work is on Marketpath to remedy.