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    Why Web Developers Love Marketpath CMS So Much

    Web developers LOVE Marketpath CMS. Almost as much as a bug-free release, or a free case of Mountain Dew! So what about Marketpath do developers fancy, when there are so many other fish or content management platforms in the sea? 

    Below are some of the features and capabilities that make Marketpath CMS stand out in a crowd.

    Flexibility and Control

    With many CMS’s, developers can customize to their heart’s content, as long as you're comfortable with certain restrictions, or enjoy diving into a labyrinth of nested divs, fighting with CSS specificity, or appeasing the layout gods. With Marketpath, you have the flexibility to customize sites the way you want. We give you 100% control of the rendered code and output so you can deliver innovative and personalized web experiences. Kinda like a developer with super powers!

    Consistent and Intuitive UI

    Do you like navigating user interfaces that change depending on the editor, page builder, theme, or plugin you are using, just to make things a bit more challenging? Didn’t think so. What about interfaces that use cryptic icons and hidden menus that make you feel like you're trying to unlock the hidden mysteries of your CMS? Probably not!

    What about a user interface that looks the same on every screen, is intuitive, and easy to understand? If that sounds more your speed, then give Marketpath a try.

    Rapid Development

    There is more pressure every day to increase your efficiency and create websites faster. But they still need to be unique, high-quality sites - right? I guess the only answer is more caffeine and less sleep. WRONG! 

    Marketpath’s rapid development capabilities can help. Everything about Marketpath CMS is built with efficiency and rapid development in mind, from our Theme, Template, and Package Library (reusable code repository), to our Advanced Import/Export Engine, to our Unified Dashboard, which allows access to all your clients’ websites with a single password.

    Security and Maintenance

    Some programmers have a sixth sense for hunting down bugs, glitches, and website security issues. Armed with a keen eye for detail and a never-give-up attitude, you can track down the root of almost every pesky problem. But just because you can fix lots of problems, doesn’t mean you want to. So why do some content management platforms (WordPress, I’m talking to you) put the burden on you, the developer? You waste countless hours every month on system and plugin updates that add zero value to you or your clients. 

    Marketpath is different. We handle maintenance updates and website security automatically. With a decoupled CMS, our management backend is completely separate from the live website front end for extra security. And you don’t have to worry about hackers taking advantage of outdated and insecure plugins, because Marketpath doesn’t have 3rd party plugins, and we provide automatic, non-breaking updates. 

    With nothing to update or maintain, what will you do with all that extra time? I know you love getting constant notifications for updates that promise bug fixes and security patches, but wouldn’t you rather play Fortnite or have time for a nap?

    Give It A Try For Free


    Why Developers Love Marketpath CMSEver get blamed by a client or your boss for poor, slow website performance? It's almost as annoying as realizing your snack stash wasn’t restocked, just before a critical, late-night coding session. Scalability is a crucial factor for any website, and developers rely on a CMS that can handle increased traffic and content volumes efficiently. However, some content management systems struggle to handle large-scale websites or traffic spikes, suffering from poor performance due to inefficient database queries, inadequate caching mechanisms, excessive plugin usage, or bloated code generation.

    With Marketpath CMS you don’t have to worry about making sure that servers can handle your clients’ website traffic. We’re built to scale effortlessly, with robust server infrastructure, smart caching mechanisms, and content delivery network (CDN) integration for lightning-fast website delivery. As web traffic increases, our platform automatically scales to transparently to handle the traffic load.

    API and Headless Capabilities

    Modern web development often requires integrating with various third-party systems and technologies. A CMS with comprehensive APIs and headless capabilities allows developers to retrieve and deliver content through APIs, enabling them to build decoupled front-end applications or mobile apps. 

    This flexibility empowers developers to choose the best technologies for their projects and ensures a seamless user experience across multiple platforms. Marketpath’s Headless, Decoupled CMS will give you the confidence and comfort you need to succeed - like wearing your favorite hoodie while you code. 

    The Need for Website Speed

    Programmers thrive on speed. Whether you're dealing with websites or a lightning-fast internet connection, speed is your holy grail! In this day and age we simply expect websites to be fast, all the time, regardless of traffic. Unfortunately, some content management systems do little to support website performance and speed optimization.

    At Marketpath, we feel the same as Maverick and Goose, “We feel the need… the need for speed!” In addition to our content delivery network (CDN) and fast cache capabilities, Marketpath CMS bundles resources, minifies stylesheets and Javascript, automatically compresses images, provides presets to optimize image size, and more, all in the name of optimizing website speed.  Don’t hate us cause we're fast!


    Nothing warms a developer's heart more than answering support tickets all day - right? Well, if you disagree, Marketpath has news for you. We provide unlimited technical support for end clients and agencies alike. Prefer we handle support directly for your clients? No problem. Maybe you’d rather handle direct communications with your clients. Fine, we’ll support you and let you get all the glory. Whatever your support model, we’ll be there to help.

    Don’t Give Up. Get Back in the Saddle

    We know. Sometimes you just don’t feel appreciated. Your old CMS doesn’t meet your needs or help you be the best version of yourself. But it’s comfortable. And you hate change.

    Well, remember, you’re never too old to love again. So give Marketpath CMS a try and revitalize your programming (love life).

    The CMS Developers Love

    Ready to experience a CMS designed with developers in mind? Sign up for free today and see how Marketpath CMS can revolutionize your web development capabilities.

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