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Rapid Development

We built the system with developers in mind. With our package manager, reusing and updating code libraries or modules across multiples sites is a piece of cake.

Blazing Fast & Reliable Sites

Built with uptime and speed at its core. Automated image resizing and compression, and page caching enhance the user experience while our maintenance-free, non-breaking updates keep sites safe and always running.

Short Learning Curve

Marketpath CMS uses standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build sites and Liquid template language as the powerful rendering engine.

We have incredible features to help you succeed. Ready for a deeper dive to see our complete list?

Features for Developers


It’s never been so easy to be a power user.

Liquid Template Language

Liquid is the presentation layer control logic that powers our sites. It can be as simple as pulling in partial templates or as advanced as building complex personalization hierarchies.

API Reference

The Marketpath CMS API reference provides a full overview of accessing and using the Live and Manage APIs.

Developer Tutorial Series

Get started quickly and learn the ropes in our comprehensive developers tutorial series. Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

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