Fully Managed Infrastructure

Marketpath provides a fully managed hosting environment so you don't have to worry about the complex, technical details required to keep a website operational, safe, and fast. Built with Microsoft Azure and our 99.9% up-time guarantee, you can rest assured your site is always ready to serve.

Marketpath CMS includes load balancing, high availability, backups, and more with a Fully Managed Infrastructure

Load Balanced

All Marketpath CMS sites are load balanced at no additional cost. Load balancing requires two or more servers. If one server has a problem or goes offline for maintenance, the balancer automatically shifts traffic to the other available servers.

High Availability

Marketpath CMS utilizes highly available database servers. If one server fails, the others automatically handle the load. For customers desiring isolated instances (non-shared), high availability of web servers in multiple geographic locations can also be configured.

Automated Backups

Your site and all its data is backed up regularly, with multiple incremental snapshots taken throughout the day, every day. In addition to database backups, our version history provides another layer of redundancy that's accessed right within Marketpath CMS, allowing easy content rollback.


We monitor Marketpath CMS up-time 24 hours a day, every single day. If there's ever an issue we'll know about it within minutes and assign support staff to mitigate.

Automatic Scaling & Provisioning

Most sites reside in a secure, shared environment. As traffic loads increase we automatically perform vertical and horizontal scaling. Vertical scaling is increasing the size and capabilities of individual database and web servers. Horizontal scaling is adding additional servers to divvy up traffic. Should we find any of our shared sites receive unexpected increases in traffic, we will move them to new live instance to relieve the overall load.

Fully Managed Infrastructure with Marketpath CMS allows you to not worry about backups or monitoring