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Marketpath Announces New Marketing Automation Features

Leader in web content management and personalization software announces marketing automation and integration with more than 1,500 third party software providers.

Indianapolis, IN - Marketpath, a software-as-a-service web content management and personalization provider, released a new marketing feature that allows work flow automation and integration between Marketpath CMS and 1,500 third-party applications.

"Collecting and acting upon data in a timely fashion is critical to every sales & marketing group. And distributing that data to other business critical systems, such as a CRM or an email marketing platform, is no longer relegated to expensive, enterprise applications," said Matt Zentz, Marketpath founder and CEO.

Marketpath achieved this scale by building integration with Zapier, a workflow and data automation platform. Through Zapier, Marketpath CMS customers can capture data from website form submissions and automate the distribution of content to social platforms and external applications when it is published.

Automation features will be available in the Marketpath CMS Plus, Pro, and Enterprise plans. Zapier offers a free plan for up to 5 single step zaps and paid plans for additional zaps and multi-step capabilities. A zap is the primary trigger, like a form submission, and the subsequent actions taken that act upon the data produced from the trigger.

Matt Zentz added, "When a website visitor submits a conversion form on your website, you can tell Zapier to automatically create a new lead in Salesforce, add them to an email marketing list in Constant Contact, and send a notification to your sales channel in slack notifying the entire sales team. We're building upon our mission to empower digial marketing agencies, developers, and businesses with the right tools so they can grow."

This feature release was the third major piece of core functionality in Marketpath's software strategy. The first piece was a full featured and user friendly web content management system. The second core piece was personalization. Both were released for general use in September 2018.


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