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Marketpath Press Kit

Our Mission

To empower digital marketing agencies, developers, and business with powerful, easy-to-use software that cultivates successful website marketing initiatives and helps them grow.

Core Values

  • Learn, Tinker, and Teach - never stop learning, build things, fix things, make the world a better place than it was, help others learn and achieve their dreams
  • Strive for Balance - create and maintain balance in your work, family, and spiritual life
  • Be Accountable - speak the truth, do what you say, own your work
  • Empower Customers - help our customers become successful and valuable
  • Work Hard & Nuture Your Passion - strive to always work hard and efficiently, stay focused, and find passion what you do
  • Give Back - our success allows us to give back to the world in many ways so we will always forge a path to help

Company Product Timeline

2001 - 2004
Marketpath was founded February 20, 2001 as an application development consulting firm to bring web-based software solutions to organizations of all sizes.

Marketpath releases its first web content management tool called Webtools. Webtools gave non-technical users the ability to create and edit content without the need to know HTML.

Marketpath releases an email collaboration tool called Viewpoint that offers web-based email, calendar, contact management, tasks, and notes. 

Marketpath releases a web-based e-commerce tool called NETemporium which allowed businesses to manage products and sell online.

Marketpath releases a new and more scalable web content management system named Marketpath CMS.

Marketpath releases Marketpath Storefront, an e-commerce module for Marketpath CMS. The original NETemporium software service is discontinued.

Marketpath releases Marketpath CMS version 3.0 with all pages rendered dynamically.

Marketpath partners with auto dealer CRM company Drive Velocity to provide an auto dealer website management toolset, based in Marketpath CMS, that integrates with CarFax, True Car, Edmunds, and other automotive content providers. This offering was discontinued in 2014.

Marketpath releases siteTropolis, a crowd-based website design service that hosts website design competitions for graphic designers all over the world. This service had a favorable proof-of-concept phase but was discontinued before reaching general availability so we could refocus on our core competencies in web content management.

Marketpath begins development of the new Marketpath CMS, a fully managed web content management platform built for digital marketing agencies and companies with multi-site management needs.

The new Marketpath CMS enters beta in November 2016 with its first site:

Marketpath CMS enters general availability. All customers in the the legacy system are migrated to the new system and the old system is retired.

Marketpath CMS adds features for digital marketing agencies including self-service provisioning, data automation with Zapier, SEO tools, and personalization capabilities.

Marketpath introduces the Marketpath CMS Package Manager, Marketpath CMS Profiles, and the fieldset object (an object that allows customized and repeatable sets of fields).

Marketpath migrates to a continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) software release model utilizing Microsoft Azure DevOps. Marketpath begins implementation of strategic changes to work towards a Product-Led Growth model.

Marketpath introduces a freemium plan for microsites.

Management Bios

Matt Zentz - Founder & CEO Twitter logo in Marketpath branding LinkedIn logo in Marketpath branding
Matt founded Marketpath in February 2001. He is responsible for the overall execution of Marketpath’s vision and mission.

Matt helped architect and build the first version of the popular email marketing tool, ExactTarget (not Salesforce Marketing Cloud). Matt provided software development, technology consulting, and various planning, execution, and ongoing management services to Indiana University. Additionally, Matt built and oversaw the development of multiple content management platforms for school districts, auto dealers, churches, manufacturers, and many other industries.

With his experience as a marketer, software developer, tech adviser, and business owner, Matt brings a unique understanding of how new products and technologies can be leveraged and applied to increase market opportunities and improve organizational processes.

Matt graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Indiana University. He is married with three children and regularly contributes to charitable organizations and their boards. He enjoys building and growing things - doesn't really matter what. He is not a good dancer but can play guitar and piano.

Kevin Kennedy - VP Marketing & Professional Services Twitter logo in Marketpath branding LinkedIn logo in Marketpath branding
Kevin joined Marketpath in June 2009 and is responsible for marketing and sales initiatives, focusing primarily on Marketpath's strategic direction, branding, and partner channels, as well as customer strategy. Kevin brings a unique perspective on business strategy, and both traditional and interactive marketing, based on previous leadership roles with Delta Faucet Company and as an independent consultant. At Delta, Kevin held diverse positions including roles as Director of E-Business, where he led the company's technology strategy, and Director of Interactive Marketing, where he was responsible for three national brands and both B2C and B2B marketing initiatives.

Kevin graduated with a BBA in Finance from the University of Notre Dame and received his MBA from Eastern Michigan University. Kevin and his wife, Bridget, have five children. In his spare time, Kevin spends time with his family (usually driving them somewhere). He also enjoys travel and having a good beer or wine with friends. Kevin is also president of the board for The Children's TherAplay Foundation and is actively involved with The Oaks Academy.

Levi Carter - Senior Application Developer of Software Products Twitter logo in Marketpath branding LinkedIn logo in Marketpath branding
Levi is a software developer with experience in marketing and web development. He graduated from Taylor University in 2010 with a BS in Computer Science - New Media/Systems. His primary responsibility is creating and maintaining the next version of Marketpath CMS - which is going to be amazing.

Important Press Releases

Products & Services Facts


Marketpath CMS is a fully managed web content management, automation, and personalization platform for digital marketing agencies. Marketpath CMS is a decoupled CMS, which means that it's management backend is fully separated from it's live, public front end. It is also a headless CMS. Management and rendering of a website can be performed entirely by using the management API or the live API.

All features, capabilities, and pricing details can be found by visiting

Noteworthy Press Coverage

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June 12, 2017 - The Future of Websites  (quoted)

June 2, 2011 - Startup aims to make online car shopping easier

Awards & Accolades

2019 - Finalist Indiana Breakout Tech Culture Awards

2011 - Dads Inc Forrest & Charlotte Lucas Impact Award

2010-2013 Mira Awards Finalist


Digital Artwork


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Press Contact

All inquiries should be directed to:

Kevin Kennedy
VP Professional Services
317-660-0209 x213

12175 Visionary Way, Suite 310
Fishers, IN 46038



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