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    Every day seems to get shorter as our to-do lists seems to grow indefinitely. Finding enough time in a day is always difficult, but it's even worse if you aren't using your time wisely. Making the most of your time means finding creative ways to be more efficient.

    What if certain tasks were automated so you didn't have to worry about them? With Zapier, that's a real possibility. From simplifying your inbox to managing social media accounts, Zapier can help you save time on daily operations.

    What Is Zapier?

    Managing all your different apps and accounts is time consuming and clunky, which is what makes Zapier a helpful tool. Zapier allows you to connect various web apps so you can automate tasks and spend your time focusing on important tasks. Instead of having to work with a software developer to create automated processes, you can do so yourself thanks to the simple design and function of Zapier. And with more than 1,500 apps supported including Gmail, Trello, and Google Sheets, you can integrate Zapier with just about any app to automate your workflow.

    Zapier uses "Zaps," a sort of workflow, to automate processes. You can find many of these Zaps on the Zapier website, each of which allow you to automate a different process.

    Automate Forms & Surveys

    Using forms and surveys to collect information and find leads is great for marketing. Whether you send out a simple survey or hold a contest, managing these forms and surveys can be a bit of a hassle.

    Zapier allows you to funnel information from forms and surveys into your email marketing software, such as MailChimp. You can announce the results in real-time without having to worry about managing all that data. Perhaps the best part of this process is the fact that it helps you build a list of email subscribers who you can stay in contact with.

    Automate Your Email

    Checking, sending, and retrieving information from emails can consume a lot of your time. One of the most useful ways to use Zapier for email is to integrate your email with your CRM to automate the processing of information. Web forms are a great way to generate email lists, but getting leads from a form to an email list can be tedious. With Zapier, you can automatically send leads from a web form to an email list to save time. Once you've got your email list, you can use Zapier to automatically send personalized emails from your email client of choice, such as Office 365.

    Zaps can also be used to automatically load information from customer emails into your CRM, which also helps route leads through the sales funnel. You can even use a Zap to create or update HubSpot CRM contacts every time there's new activity in ClickFunnels or turn new Office 365 emails into tasks on Todoist.

    Automate Social Media

    You can automate just about everything social media-related with Zapier so you don't have to stare at a phone or computer for hours on end. If you want to share new content across multiple platforms using HootSuite or Buffer, there's a Zap for that. Perhaps best of all, Zapier allows you to easily monitor your brand's social media presence. You can have your mentions sent to a spreadsheet, Slack or an RSS feed so you can see what the buzz surrounding your brand is in real time.

    Being a marketer can sometimes feel like an endless string of tasks, but it doesn't have to be that way. Using Marketpath CMS with Zapier makes updating and managing your website and online presence easy.

    Automation is one of the best ways to reclaim your time so you can spend it on more important things.

    Don't believe me? Give us a try or contact us to learn more about how Marketpath and Zapier can work for you.

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