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How Long Does It Take To Create A Website? 60 Seconds with Marketpath CMS

June 12, 2020 by Matt Zentz

In an agency, the most valued asset is the time of resources. Shaving down the time to perform mundane tasks means those resources can spend more time doing strategic, billable work that creates value for clients.

In this video, I create a fully functional website from a template in less than sixty seconds and in only six steps. The template could be one of our pre-built templates or one of your own. Doesn't really matter to us. In this example, we're copying our demo template. The site creation process copies all templates, stylesheets, Javascript, images, documents, and all the pages within.

Maybe the wow factor here isn't how fast it is to create a site, though. Perhaps the wow factor is the fact you don't have to set up a new hosting environment with new credentials, you don't have to provide payment information, you don't have to map a custom domain and setup DNS (we give you a free domain to use during development), and you don't have to leave the confines of the platform. Every site is maintained from a single login.

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Matt Zentz, founder of Marketpath

Matt Zentz

Matt Zentz launched Marketpath from a small Broad Ripple bungalow in February 2001 with a focus on custom web application development. He built the first, basic version of a hosted CMS called Webtools and shortly afterward expanded his team and created the first version of Marketpath CMS.

Matt has worked for a national consulting firm, taught computer programming to high school juniors and seniors , and led the information technology arm of the auxiliary business units at Indiana University.

Matt graduated from Indiana University in 1999 with a B.S. in Computer Science and has built custom web applications since 1995. Matt is husband to an amazing & supportive wife, has three beautiful children, and supreme master to Archimedes (Archie) the dog. He coaches various kid sports, enjoys building furniture, and plays guitar and piano. Matt is very active within his church community and several area not-for-profits.


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