Providing Affordable Website Design To Budget Concious Clients

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    Affordable Website Pricing Strategy (some images sourced from:

    You never want to give clients a cheap website, and they shouldn’t want one. What a lot of clients are looking for, however, is an affordable website. These price sensitive clients need to make sure their money is well-spent. By using a proven pricing strategy and understanding the needs and concerns of your potential clients, even the most budget conscious client will gladly pay what you’re worth.

    Pricing strategy of good, better, best

    A classic pricing strategy for website developers is the strategy of good, better, best, where you offer three different packages with increasing levels of service.

    There are countless ways to create these different packages. Offering a standard theme where only the colors differ versus a customized theme or fully custom-built theme immediately gives a good-better-best option for someone to choose from.

    Marketpath CMS can help you here, too. By offering a complete package of unlimited support, automatic updates, and backups, you can avoid the hidden costs of Wordpress and offer complete transparency in your website management services cost.

    Also, offering three different packages allows you to standardize your offers more. Instead of crafting a custom offer to every client, you can start the conversation with three standard offers that align with several budgets. It gives the client some room to see where their priorities are, and take the conversation from there.

    Investing in understanding

    Aside from a pricing strategy, it’s also important to understand where the concern of your price sensitive client comes from. Remember that you’re the expert; you understand why a there is a cost to running a website after it is delivered, but your client may not.

    Being transparent in your pricing can also help tackle some of these concerns upfront. Most clients aren’t looking to spend as little money as possible, but spend it the best possible way. Knowing what costs are fixed, where they come from, where there is room for compromises, and how your web design services reflect their priorities can go a long way in securing a client with price sensitivity.


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