How To Deliver Affordable Websites Minus The Headache

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    Designing an affordable website for a pet store

    Sometimes, I consider giving my niece a puppy out of nowhere. She’ll love it, but I also can’t wait to see the look on my brother’s face. He’ll know it’s not just an instant best friend with great, big eyes, but a responsibility, too. While I score major points with my niece, he’ll wonder who’s going to pay for the vet, the food, and replacing the neighbors’ precious flower beds.

    What do your clients get after you deliver your website? Do they get an asset that helps their business or do they end up with a liability that turns into a black hole that sucks up time, money, and energy?

    Managing a website can quickly turn into such a black hole. Especially when the website relies on WordPress and cheap hosting, all other costs quickly accumulate. A decent theme, SSL certificates, plugins, backups, and downtime quickly add up to expose hidden costs. And those are just the tangible costs; the true costs of those solutions are even higher. Website costs of using only WordPress isn’t just in the website itself; it's also the cost of managing a website.

    Managing the cost to manage a website

    Often, agencies will either underestimate the costs for clients (and themselves) or overcompensate and charge a maintenance fee that scares off potential buyers. Someone who isn’t familiar with all the moving parts of a website will not understand these maintenance fees.

    Using our fully managed CMS will help you reflect the true costs of maintaining a website to a client, while accounting for all the “hidden” costs. It allows you to outsource responsibility for answering questions and managing downtime, while presenting your clients with a transparent pricing model.

    In fact, using a fully managed CMS helps you offer an affordable website design service. By bundling all these other costs into one service, you are able to offer a fully serviced and transparently-priced management system that comes without surprises along the way. You’re often already incurring costs for hosting, so why not bundle those and offer this package as a service to your clients?

    Stop handing puppies to your clients

    Using our fully managed CMS web solution is like giving someone a puppy and making sure all the hassle is taken care of. Food? Included in the price. Vet bills? Already paid for. Imagine I could give my niece the puppy and my brother a service that took care of all the hassle.

    Instead of leaving your clients with a website and a looming headache, you can offer them an all-inclusive management service that is affordable, transparent, and makes you look good.

    And I’ll stick with buying my niece ice cream every now and then instead of puppies.

    Marketpath CMS: Fully Managed For You & Your Clients

    Marketpath CMS not only provides the professional toolset to build and maintain sites but also handles monitoring, backups, high availability, failover, uptime, load balancing, page speed, system updates, and much more. Count on us as a hosting partner who you can trust to keep sites running and take advantage of our unlimited support.

    Free for you and your clients until the site launches.

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