Yeah, We Built a New CMS

We know. We know. There are hundreds of options when it comes to managing website content and each varies dramatically in price, purpose, usability, and speed. At this point, the ecosystem is so large that making a decision and sifting through all the variables could take a small team several months to narrow down their choices. So, why in the world would we choose to build a new content management system from scratch? 

I can tell you that it's not because we felt the world needed another CMS. But in fairness to us, we already had one so we aren't necessarily adding to the mix. Marketpath CMS technically started out as Marketpath CMS 4.0, an upgrade from it's predecessor. But at some point we threw out the old model and code base in its entirety because we had amazing ideas that nullified the old system.

We built the new Marketpath CMS because we wanted a system that delivered enormous flexibility, top notch speed, and an incredible user experience. Marketpath CMS is built for professional developers, agencies, and content editors. That is not an easy balance to strike and although we're not quite in a state of content management nirvana, we will always work harder to get there.

Our new content management system is fully managed, as any true SaaS application should be. Users don't have to fret over backups, monitoring, load balancing, failover, and security. We have those all covered for every site at every level.

Marketpath CMS supports both structured and unstructured data. We provide many basic object definitions, or structured data, such as articles, calendars, blogs, images, documents, image galleries, forms, and more. But every one of the objects can be extended to include just about any type of data, like text, links, toggles, lists, etc.

Most of our defined object types can be tagged to create a rich hierarchy of information. All of the objects listed above can be tagged and pulled into a single list or filtered as desired. 

I can go on and on and I will in later posts. The bottom line is that we created a brand new content management system completely from scratch that provides huge flexibility and power and lets you get a fully functional live site faster than all other professional systems allow, with less headache, less cost, and more capability.

About The Author:
Matt Zentz

Matt Zentz is the founder and CEO of Marketpath and has been building websites and custom applications since 1995. He is responsible for the overal planning, execution and strategic vision of Marketpath. He still dabbles in development but spends most of his time promoting Marketpath CMS and coordinating resources to accomplish Marketpath's long term goals.

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