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Package Manager

Build and manage code for hundreds of websites from a single location.

Install Pre-Built Packages

Pull any kind of package into a site.

  • CSS & Javascript frameworks
  • Javascript maps, charts, and calendars
  • Custom form layouts
  • Custom image galleries
  • Fully implemented template sites
  • RSS feeds and XML sitemaps
  • Social media feeds
  • Pre-built datastores

Installing a package in Marketpath CMS

Create Your Own Reusable Code

  • build and assemble using regular sites as the source
  • include nested package dependencies
  • no cost for development sites
  • no cost to build and activate packages
  • set packages to update automatically when a new version is activated (overridable at site level)
  • set links to demos and package instructions
  • create updatable data feeds like country or timezones
  • require license agreement before install

Screenshot of creating a package in Marketpath CMS


  • create public and private repositories
  • become a contributor
  • share with other users, accounts, or entire agencies
  • add a URL to a repository details page


Screenshot of Marketpath CMS' package manager repositories screen

  • FirstNetwork
  • lenex
  • EquiTeam
  • AAO
  • KSM
  • patronPath
  • midland
  • ritron


No-cost plans for small sites

Build custom websites faster, with complete control,
and avoid the fear of updates breaking your sites.

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