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Marketpath Releases Marketpath CMS Version 1.2.1

by Matt Zentz

Leader in web content management and personalization software cuts website page rendering times in half and adds other beneficial features for marketers with Marketpath CMS version 1.2.1.

Marketpath, Inc., a software-as-a-service web content management, automation, and personalization provider, released version 1.2.1 of Marketpath CMS. The new version adds features to help marketers with search engine optimization and timezone management. Marketpath also introduced Fast Cache, a new mechanism that, on average, improves page rendering speeds by double.

"After our last very lengthy release, we wanted to provide some great, tangible features that users could take advantage of immediately. My personal favorite, as minor as it may sound, is the ability to set default parent paths for blogs, calendars, datastores, and folders. This helps to enforce structured URL's and improves SEO, even if just a little bit," said Matt Zentz, found and CEO of Marketpath.

In many content management systems, each page request requires a full page build that makes many, sometimes hundreds, of calls to a database to retrieve and render content. The new Fast Cache feature eliminates the need to rebuild pages when they haven't changed. Instead, the first build of a page is stored in a virtual bucket called a cache. Subsequent requests to a page then make one lookup and pull directly from the cache.

Emilie Toll, Marketpath's marketing manager said, "On average, Fast Cache reduces the time to build and render a page in half. In a world where Google penalizes sites for slow load times and visitor abandonment is a major concern, page load speed is incredibly important. Fast Cache provides a huge boost and is available to all sites in Marketpath CMS."

Marketpath also released major timezone changes for sites and users. Several other beneficial features were also introduced. Users and prospective customers can view Marketpath's latest release notes at or the notes from the latest release at

For additional details or new inquiries, please contact Emilie Toll at 317-660-0211 or

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