Marketpath CMS Profiles

Secure login tools for authorizing access to content



Launch Secure Portals

Marketpath CMS Profiles provide a way to offer secure, self-service portals to improve communication, process efficiencies, and allow you to connect with others in new, beneficial ways. With Profiles you can build various types of secured portals. Here are a few possibilities.

Partner Portals

Partner portals give you a centralized location for your partners, dealers, resellers, and affiliates to share pricing sheets, sales and marketing materials, product updates, company news, and much more. Self-service portals provide tremendous value to your partners and can increase overall sales.

Intranet Sites

Company intranet sites give your employees a place to download up-to-date employee handbooks, policies, company calendars, employee contact lists, and more.

Gated Content

Gated content, whether paid or not, lets you grant access to content for only a specific group of individuals. Once logged in, these users have access to articles, documents, images, videos, and much more.

Add Unlimited Custom Settings to Profiles

With Marketpath CMS Profiles you can add unlimited custom settings to a profile to boost the overall user experience. You can add any Marketpath CMS object or field type, such as text, HTML (WYSIWYG), image, document, blog posts, articles, and more.

You can also allow users to update their own information with the Profiles sync feature (available to all sites). The sync feature sends changes made by Profiles on the Live site back to the backend Manage portal.


Build Custom Authorization Methodologies



Group-Based Access

Authorize profile users based on membership in a one or more groups. Apply group permissions to individual pages across your site.



Role-Based Access

Role-based access (RBAC) applies roles to profile users and sets up complex rules-based permissions across pages of your site based on page path, page types, or any other custom rules.



Mixed Method Access

Combine a mix of group-based, role-based, and other authorization mechanisms throughout your site.

Authorization & Personalization Code Examples


Profiles are easy to work with in Marketpath's Liquid template language. The authenticated profile can be accessed by using the reserved keyword profile.

The adjacent code (or below if on mobile) first checks if the page (i.e. entity) has been restricted to one or more profile groups. If not then we deny the page load and redirect the profile user. If there are restricted groups then the code checks if the profile user is logged in and verifies if they are in one of the groups allowed by the current entity.

This is a simple authorization mechanism that can be used on any Marketpath CMS site.

{% var authorized = false %}
{% if entity.allowed_profile_groups.is_valid %}

    {% if profile.is_valid and profile.profile-groups.is_valid %}
            {% for group in profile.profile-groups %}
                {% if entity.allowed_profile_groups contains group %}
                    {% set authorized = true %}
                {% endif %}
            {% endfor %}
    {% endif %}

{% endif %}

{% unless authorized %}
    {% redirect “/login” %}
{% endunless %}

Tracking Conversions & Personalizing Content

With Marketpath CMS Profiles, you can add any number of attributes to track user activity. This assumes the user is logged in and authorized.

To track that a user completed their training, you can use the following method to set a new attribute:

{% set_profile training1:"completed" %}

Now, you can use that attribute to decide whether or not to show training options to the user.

{% if profile.training1 == "completed" %}
    Congratulations! You've already completed your training.
{% end if %}

You can also tie Profile attributes to form fields. When a profile user submits a form with an linked attribute, the attribute value will be saved and can be used for future personalization.


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