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Marketpath releases rapid web development toolkit for content management

Leader in web content management software releases agile toolkit to speed up website development.

Indianapolis, IN - Marketpath, Inc., a software-as-a-service web content management provider, released a new feature that simplifies and accelerates the creation and development of modern, mobile-friendly websites.

The Marketpath CMS Package Manager allows developers and technical editors to install pre-built, modularized code (i.e. packages) onto their websites and receive future updates with just the click of a button.

"The package manager is the defining differentiator between Marketpath CMS and other CMS platforms that rely on slow, bloated plugins to add standard capabilities," said Kevin Kennedy, Marketpath's VP of Marketing and Professional Services. "The package manager presents a huge opportunity to centralize asset management and shrink website delivery timelines for digital marketing agencies and organizations that manage hundreds or even thousands of sites."

Marketpath CMS is a fully managed platform so there is no software to install or ongoing maintenance required by customers. The Package Manager is fully integrated with the core platform and took two years to build. UX or front-end developers can build their own packages and add them to a public repository to which all Marketpath CMS users will have access; or they can create private repositories and share those with selected others.

“This is a major feature that’s been a long time coming. It required a lot of structural changes to our platform and was a giant development effort. What it provides to website developers, however, is well worth the investment,” said Levi Carter, Senior Product Developer.

"Like many open-source plugins, Marketpath CMS Packages don't contain platform security vulnerabilities, don't break the backend, and don't result in the headaches and frustrations of those other systems," remarked Matt Zentz, Marketpath's founder and CEO. "Agencies can crank out hundreds or thousands of websites in a fraction of the time it takes now and then manage every single one of them from a single, centralized package and a single login. This one feature can fundamentally change how organizations build and manage websites."

The Marketpath CMS Package Manager, available now, provides a mechanism for developers and agencies to build public and private code repositories and share their private repositories with other users and sites. There is no cost to build a package and developers can create unlimited development (or sandbox) sites.

Marketpath is also planning a future release where developers can earn income by offering their packages for a one-time purchase or subscription-based.

Learn more about the Marketpath CMS Package Manager by visiting

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