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Practice Marketing and Website Development

For Student Developers


Free to Use

You need a no-cost way to hone your website development skills, and we want new, aspiring developers to use our software. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Avoid Setup Paralysis

With Marketpath CMS you can create a new site and start coding in less than a minute. Don't worry about setting up a local web server and getting lost in configuration files. We make it a lot easier, and you can even import full sites to begin modifying.

Basic Languages and Then Some

Marketpath CMS runs on basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript. But as you advance, there's a lot more to offer like LESS, SCSS, and Liquid Template Language.

For Student Marketers

for marketers

Tell Your Story

Marketing is about storytelling and Marketpath CMS provides the vehicle to deliver that story to your audience.

Full Marketing Sites

You can build entire marketing sites for your class projects that include interactive home pages, blogs, event calendars, custom datastores, and much more. For free!

Landing Pages

Setup landing pages with custom messaging and value propositions for specific target audiences using our pre-built landing page templates.

Team Collaboration

Invite other team members to contribute content and edit your site. There's no user limit and they're all free too!

For Teachers


Build Reusable Templates

Whether your students are aspiring developers or marketers you can create and use your own custom site templates or use templates provided by Marketpath or other sources.

Maintain Control

With Marketpath CMS you can organize your student sites and users by individual class or course, or students can create and maintain their own sites. It's entirely up to you. You can also share control with other teachers throughout your school.

Course Site for Syllabus & Other Materials

Marketpath CMS is free to all users in the Preview environment, but you can create public websites too. You can maintain an instructional blog or article series, course syllabus, calendar of due dates, and much more. Keep in mind, however, public sites do incur the standard Marketpath CMS fees.

Share Your Sites

You can share your new masterpieces using our Live Preview environment. Simply send the preview link and password and up to 10 others can access the preview site.

Import and Export with Marketpath CMS
Import and Export in Marketpath CMS

Upload and download JSON, CSV, or XML files.

Stylesheet editing with CSS, LESS, and SCSS in Marketpath CMS

Build your sites with your favorite style sheet markup - regular CSS, LESS, or SCSS.

Scale or crop images within Marketpath CMS
Advanced Image Editing and Presets

Resize, crop, rotate, brighten, sharpen, apply filters, and more with our advanced image editor.

Platform updates are automatic in Marketpath CMS
Automatic Updates

As a true SaaS product, Marketpath CMS provides regular features, fixes, and system upgrades at no additional cost.

Users are in control of websites with Marketpath CMS
Complete Rendered Code Control

Don't want to use pre-built HTML? No problem. Go ahead and make it your own.

Liquid Template Language icon in Marketpath brand colors
Liquid Template Language

Build robust rendering logic with the Liquid template language.

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