Mobilegeddon Is Here – Are You Still Ignoring It?

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    We have been warning clients and prospects for months now that Google’s April “Mobilegeddon” update would seriously impact their position in Google’s search results. See the articles below for details:

    Google to Penalize Non-Mobile Sites Starting in April

    8 Reasons to Have a Responsive Web Design (Infographic)

    Responsive Web Design versus Dedicated Mobile Sites: What’s Right for You?

    Now we have proof that the impact of Google’s most recent algorithm change may be having an even bigger impact than most experts predicted on SEO. As shown in a recent search engine optimization study by Stone Temple Consulting, non-mobile friendly websites (URLs) have dropped dramatically in Google’s mobile search rankings since the update, with nearly 50% of non-mobile friendly websites dropping in search rankings. During that same time non-mobile friendly sites were 2.3 times more likely to drop in search results than they were to improve in rankings.

    Don’t Delay Further – Now is the Time to Covert Your Site to a Responsive Design
    It has only been a few months since the update, so it is very possible that non-mobile friendly sites will drop even further over time. But search rankings aren’t the only benefits of mobile friendly, responsive websites. Mobile friendly sites also provide a better user experience, improve your organizations credibility, and improve conversions. Contact Marketpath today to learn more about the benefits and best approach to upgrade your website, before your site becomes even more difficult to find.

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