Blogs or Ads - Which gets more website visitors?

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    What it means for your business:

    Blogging is an effective marketing strategy that allows businesses to promote their expertise in an industry. Promoting your tips and insights within your industry is a great way to grow a strong following because most visitors are coming to your blog to gain knowledge on a specific topic. As you grow followers using your blog they will learn about your company through your blogs and by searching your website for related content.

    If your goal is to increase the number of consumers to enter your site I would recommend first increasing the number of blog posts. Once you begin to create content on a regular basis it is important to start promoting this content through social media. If you still are not getting the organic traffic and results you are looking for you can begin looking into paid advertisements.

    Next Steps:

    • Try and block out time during the week for blog writing. Once you start it’ll be easier to come up with content!
    • Try and consider industry-related blog ideas and posts related to FAQs - in many cases people are using Google to search for answers you can provide. And these posts will perform better organically in Google.
    • Consider search engine optimization when writing blogs and remember to add keywords throughout your blog, blog title, meta description
    • Brainstorm blog ideas as a team.
    • Have fun with it!

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