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Marketpath Releases Marketpath CMS version 1.2.0

Leader in web content management and personalization software releases marketing automation capabilities with Marketpath CMS version 1.2.0.

Indianapolis, IN - Marketpath, Inc., a software-as-a-service web content management and personalization provider, released version 1.2.0 of Marketpath CMS. The new version adds API layer custom data validation, new form builder, revised and simplified import & exports, and automation capabilities with Zapier.

"This release was a six months long effort because we had to refactor a significant part of the codebase to handle the validation of every object passed through the API. Since everything is built upon the API layer, everything was essentially affected," says Levi Carter, Senior Product Developer.

The new automation feature is currently being tested with a few clients and will be available to select plans before the end of the year. This will allow form submission and published object data to be passed to Zapier for integration with over 1,500 other services and applications.

"The new import engine now fully validates all incoming data and allows you to review and confirm individual objects or all of the new data before the import starts. It will also alert you about any errors with the data so you can fix it and retry the import," says Matt Zentz, Marketpath Founder & CEO.

A future press release will be added when the new automation features are ready for all customers. Details about this release can be found here: All previous updates can be found on the recent updates log:



For additional details or new inquiries, please contact Emilie Toll at 317-660-0211 or

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