Versioning, History, and Rollbacks

Every object in Marketpath CMS offers the ability to view the history and published versions of the object. 

Versions in Marketpath CMS

Make Temporary Edits, Rollback Mistakenly Published Content and More

Revision history and rollbacks are a handy feature for anyone who publishes content on a regular basis. As a writer, it’s easy to make mistakes when you’re drafting a post. At times, you may have even deleted a part of your content and wish to get it back. However, thanks to Marketpath CMS version history, your changes are not forever lost. 


When you complete any change to content, a log of the change is added to the history of the object you’re editing. Within the history view, you’ll be able to see the timestamp, user, and action performed.  Actions include saving an update or draft, saving and publishing to the live website, scheduling published content and page expirations, unpublishing, trashing objects, copying, and more. With this view, you’ll see the entire lifecycle of your content.


Versions are a part of the history and created every time you publish. You have the ability to see at least 1 prior published version of an object (varies per plan). You also have the ability to permanently save a version with notes.

Compare Versions & Restore

Have you committed 5, maybe 7 publishes at this point? Not sure which version you need to rollback? Marketpath CMS also offers a compare feature that will compare two versions and show their differences. 

Not only can you permanently save a version of your content, you can rollback a version within Marketpath CMS, a particularly useful feature for running temporary campaigns on your website.