Live Preview

With every modification you can see your changes, and with every save action your preview site is updated.

Arranging content on pages can be complex, but live preview allows you to view changes as you add content, whether it be content, images, forms, or galleries.  See your page in real-time without the need to switch between browser tabs. 

Live Preview Feature | Marketpath CMS

See your changes as they happen with the side-by-side layout

On the left are the fields that compose the page, and on the right is the preview. Collapse the preview pane if you need better access to the fields or less distraction. There is no need to wait for a reload after clicking "Publish", "Preview Changes", or "Update".

Ready to see how responsive the content is? Use the built-in preview modes for mobile, tablet, and desktop. 

Marketpath CMS Feature - Live Preview scrolls to selected areas

Quickly maneuver to the content you want to edit

If you click in the Preview window on the content area you want to change, the left side scrolls to the editing area where the content is housed, while the Live Preview area you selected remains stationary. Live Preview displays changes made in the WYSIWYG editor, or its source code. Repeated scrolling to locate sections to change or add is no longer a challenge