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    Address Bar displaying a URL

    With Marketpath CMS updating a URL before or after publishing is fast and easy. When you first create a page or blog post, the CMS will take the page title and generate the file path or URL slug in a text field for you. Simply overwrite the autofilled content to something that is easy for your visitor to understand and to be an SEO friendly URL. If you update the URL after being published, Marketpath CMS automatically creates a redirect permalink for you that is published when the update is published.  


    • Optimize pages and blog posts for search engines by adding a keyword to and shortening the slug URL
    • Customize a page’s breadcrumb and hierarchy, i.e. parent-child pages
      • For example, when you visit parent, or regular, site page, the URL structure is as follows:
      • However, when you visit a child page, there is an additional element to the URL structure. For example:
    • Automated 301 redirects when you publish your changes
    • Seamless visitor user experience as dead links and 404 error pages won’t occur
    • Add, manage, and delete redirects quickly from the page or post or from the redirects area

    In Action

    • For the URL you wish to edit, navigate to your article or blog post.
    • Click the Edit Page or Properties button for the item you want to edit.

    Edit Page and Properties Button in Marketpath CMS

    • Click into the URL field, and make your text updates.


    • Once finished, click Save and Publish in the upper left-hand corner. Marketpath CMS will automatically map the URL for the changed slug so visitors who attempt to visit the old URL will be redirected to your new update.

    Note: You can edit your page’s or post’s canonical link within the “+ Advanced” accordion on the edit screen.

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