Unstructured Data

Marketpath CMS offers the ability to extend structured data types with any of the types below, creating completely customized and reusable objects. Unstructured data is defined in templates or in site settings and can be stored with structured data types (Articles, Authors, Blog Posts, etc) or to pages derived from a structured data type.

Unstructured Data Field Types


These are used to add simple, free-form editing or selection when editing content.

  • Checkbox
  • Checkbox List
  • Date, Time, Format, and Timezone
  • Email Address
  • HTML (Rich Text)
  • Radio
  • Select
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Toggle
  • URL

Structure Data

These field types are used to select already existing content or to create new data for the given structured data type. 

  • Article
  • Author
  • Basic Page
  • Blog & Blog Post
  • Calendar & Calendar Entry
  • Datastore & Datastore Item
  • Document
  • Folder
  • Form
  • Image
  • Tag
  • Entity (our name for a generic structured data type)
  • Javascript
  • Menu
  • Page
  • Snippet
  • Stylesheet
  • Template


Editable areas on pages or structured data can be grouped together to simplify editing. For example, a group called "CTA" could be for a page's call-to-action settings and may contain a title, image, and destination URL. These fields would all be visibly grouped so the editor knows they are related.

Structured Data Lists

Lists allows editors to select zero or more items of that structured data type. This can be helpful if a home page has a "feature articles" list and allows the editor to easily select which articles appear.


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