Custom Redirects

Manage website redirects on-page and how you want

Marketpath CMS allows redirecting visitors from any of your verified site domains and page path to any internal or external URL. This is particularly helpful when building new sites and you need to redirect visitors from an old page path to a new path. Marketpath CMS also automatically creates new redirects when the path of an existing page is modified.

Marketpath CMS allows regular expression matching and capture groups within redirects. This is useful for creating custom URLs, or cURLs, that redirect a visitor to some dynamic endpoint. 

Using a direct mail postcard as an example, a company could print a personalized URL on the postcard that includes a customer’s unique id - When the customer visits the page, their unique id is known and we can load details, such as customer lifetime value, and make content decisions based on that.

You can also redirect entire domains, known as redirect domains.

Read more at our help site: How to Add Redirects.

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