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Content Tagging in Marketpath CMS

Tags are a critical component of a well-organized site and content tagging strategy. Marketpath allows you to tag different content types, which affords nearly unlimited possibilities for how to utilize tags when organizing content. Tags are searchable, indexable, and can have their own pages and URLs. Tags can be used to filter content on your live website, in the management portal, or both.

Tag anything in Marketpath CMS for organization

Marketpath CMS allows you to tag the following content types and retrieve them all together or filter them based on type. As an example, this could be helpful for showing all articles, blog posts and galleries related to a specific industry, like "healthcare".

Taggable Content Types

  • Authors
  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Calendar Posts
  • Datastore Items
  • Documents
  • Galleries
  • Snippets


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