Custom Error Pages

If you know how to create a page, you have unlimited options for creating custom error pages. 

Custom error pages can play a critical role in a user’s experience on your website. Bad things happen on good sites. There are many different kinds of errors that can occur on a website, from a user clicking on a bad or broken link to a user attempting to access an area from which they are forbidden. Sometimes it’s not your fault, but you can still turn a bad experience into a good one with a custom, helpful, or humorous error page. 

Error pages can be customized in Marketpath CMS

Sample Error Pages that can be created with Marketpath CMS:
  • 404 Not Found Error - If a link is broken or missing, the user would be directed to this common error.
  • 401 Unauthorized Error - Unauthorized error where a user must login to access. 
  • 403 Forbidden Error - Authorization error where a user does not have proper permission to access an area.
  • 400 Bad Request - This is a catchall for bad http requests. 
  • 500 Internal Server Error - this is an error that is served when someone inadvertently attempts to do something invalid, particularly during development. 
  • 0 Catchall - This is our shortcut for creating an error page that covers any not-previously covered error codes.