Agency Accounts and Collaboration

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Marketpath CMS lets you manage all of your client sites in one place.

Collaborate with customers is easy as an agency

Customers Can Invite an Agency

Agencies can be invited to help manage a customer’s account and all its associated sites or invited to manage a single site. This creates a clear line between agencies providing professional website design, development, and content marketing services and Marketpath who provides ongoing support for the CMS.  Agency assignments can be added or removed by the customer as desired. 

Agencies Request Access

On the flip side, agencies can take the lead and request access to a customer’s account and sites. This is as simple as sending the customer an email. The customer would then approve the accounts or sites to which the agency should have access.

As many sites as you want and all free until go live | Marketpath CMS

Control How Agency Sites are Managed

Agencies can also choose to manage accounts and all associated sites themselves. In this model, an agency owns the site can add the customer editors directly to each site or give them limited access to the account. In some cases, the agency may not allow access by the customer if the agency performs all the updates.

With this agency owner model, agencies can maintain full control over users, permissions, billing, and features.


Easily Manage User Access

Users can be added to sites, accounts, and agencies. For example, adding users to a site is as simple as entering their email address and selecting from the following permissions:

  • Read
  • Write
  • Delete
  • Publish
  • Develop
  • Manage Site
  • Billing