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Google Analytics will stop collecting data for its Universal Analytics product beginning July 1st, 2023

You should upgrade to Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible to ensure you retain the most complete website visitor data when this happens.
Read more about this announcement and Google Analytics 4.

Let Marketpath do the heavy lifting for you by choosing a budget-friendly plan below

Basic Upgrade

Start tracking data in GA4 now so you have at least a year of website analytics data when Universal Analytics is shut down. We’ll set it up so both UA and GA4 are receiving data.

  • Create new GA4 property
  • Add code to the website to begin basic pageview tracking in GA4
  • Tracking for both Universal Analytics and GA4 will run in parallel



Essential Insights Tracking Upgrade

We’ll build a custom tracking solution that ensures you’re capturing the highest priority data points for your website. Includes all of Core Tracking Upgrade, plus

  • Track the highest priority data points on your site including:
    • File Downloads - track when a visitor clicks a file download link
    • Form Submissions - track when a visitor submits a form (up to 2 forms; additional forms $100 each)
    • Youtube Videos - track when users play and pause YouTube videos on your site and how much of the video they watch
    • External Link Clicks - track when users click links that direct them to external websites
    • Scroll Depth - track how far users scroll on long pages
  • Set up a Google Tag Manager data layer that tracks Marketpath CMS page details for deeper analysis. Track CMS fields, such as, page type (i.e. article, blog post, tag, etc), author, folder, template name, parent entity name, canonical, and tags






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