Instant New Revenue Stream

With Incredibly Low Risk

Add a new recurring revenue product line

by offering your clients professional, high converting websites

What You Get

Barriers to Exit

By providing a value-added service, your customers will be less likely to move to a competitor and your customer retention rates will increase.

New Revenue

Unlock a reliable new revenue stream with little effort. You set the price and even earn a percentage of any services provided by Marketpath.

Trusted Partner

Since 2001, Marketpath has provided professional website solutions. Rest assured you're picking a viable, long term partner that's easy to work with.

Custom Integrations

We'll build custom integrations between your platform and ours that automatically connects and synchronizes content from your platform. Your clients will thank you.



Your logo will appear with ours in Marketpath CMS and on live customer sites to remind customers of our strategic partnership and act as a new lead generation channel.

Hands-Off Operation

We're a fully managed service, so there isn't a thing for you to do to maintain and service customer sites.

New Customers

Offering websites and professional web services helps drive new customer acquisition.

What You Provide

Strategy & Planning

We'll work with you to integrate your new product offering with your current products and services as an a-la-carte option or as part of a package.


Invite up to 25 of your best clients to participate in a pilot program where they can help determine site requirements, integrations, designs, and more.

Customer Promotion

We'll develop a custom landing page to promote your program and work with you to develop messaging and an effective campaign to your clients.

Did You Know?

The average website has a 3-5 year life span

One-third of your customers might need a new website now!

What Your Customers Get

Professional Website

Your customers choose from one of several visually appealing, professional, and mobile-friendly website themes.

Marketpath CMS Subscription

As a fully managed CMS, we do the updates, patches, monitoring, backups, and more for you and your customers.

Integrated Editor

Customers can easily create and edit content using our built-in editing tools for text, images, forms, and more.

Unlimited Users & Support

It's ok, customers can invite their cousin's brother's nephew, a self-proclaimed webmaster to assist. And we'll support them too.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

You never know when a potential new customer will visit your site. So, we make sure it's highly available when it counts.

Platform Integration

We'll make it easy for your customer with options like single sign-on (SSO), content sync, lead capture, and more.

Calculate Revenue & ROI

Our platform starts at $49/mo for regular accounts. As a channel partner, you get more than a 20% discount that increases with the more sites you add. There's value to our hosting and content management platform and there's significant value in the integration and automation between our platforms. Keep that in mind as you set your own price.

Your Assumptions

* This pricing calculator assumes that you will be responsible for client billing. If Marketpath handles client billing, you will receive a 20% commission for all subscription revenue under your channel partner account.

Earn Pro Service Commissions

When your customers require professionals for design, development, strategy, search engine optimization, and more, Marketpath can help them out. You'll earn 10% percent of all professional services fees.


We offer a graduated initial investment that depends on the complexity of the integration with your platform, the number of reusable site themes you want for your customers, and the overall timeline. Because we all win from this beneficial partnership it is possible to eliminate the up-front investment altogether!

The Process


Research & Interest Phase

We will work with you to learn about your platform and integration opportunities and then determine if this is a viable service to offer your customers.


Pilot Phase

You will invite up to 25 of your most active clients to participate and choose some of those to work with us as design partners. Design partners will help us better understand the industry, target market, and value propositions. We'll work closely with design partners to design professional, mobile-friendly websites.

We'll then develop the designs into complete and reusable Marketpath CMS site packages. We'll create a landing page with details of each design and then create, invite the remaining pilot participants to choose their favorite, and implement the selected site for each client.


General Phase

Marketpath will work with you to create messaging and form an outreach plan for all of your eligible customers. Interested clients will select a site theme and Marketpath will carry out the implementation, training, and all ongoing support and maintenance.

Built for Any Industry





Food & Beverage




What's your industry?

We'll build multiple theme solutions to best fit your customers



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