Live Preview

You never know when a prospect or visitor is going to land on your website, so it's best not to push out untested changes. With every change you can see your changes, and with every save action in Marketpath CMS your preview site is updated. You'll know exactly what your changes look like before publishing to your live site. 


  • The side-by-side layout allows you to see your content added or edited in real-time.
  • Easily hide the Live Preview while you add content. Then, when you're finished expand the Live Preview to visualize your changes.
  • No waiting for "Publish", "Preview Changes", or "Update".
  • Quickly see page rendered in mobile, tablet, or desktop version.
  • Remove repeated scrolling by being able to click in Live Preview, and the editor scrolls to the appropriate content area (and vice versa)
  • Ensure templates entities on the page are displaying correctly without the need for content
  • Templates features Ace (editor), providing additional shortcuts

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