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Marketpath's E-commerce Solution

Marketpath Storefront, an add-on to Marketpath CMS, allows users to set up virtual shops and sell products online.  Whether your company has a brick and mortar presence, or it is completely online, Marketpath's Storefront solution could be a great fit for your business model.  With Marketpath Storefront you can:

Utilize Customized Designs and Layouts

Many e-commerce platforms limit their customers to a handful of design choices and layout options.  With Marketpath Storefront, custom designs and individual product page layouts can be utilized to increase the branding recognition of your store, enhance conversion rates, and offer a better overall user experience.


Manage Products and Product Attributes

Marketpath Storefront allows you, the administrator, to control your product catalog completely online, through the same interface as Marketpath CMS.  This provides for familiarity within the tool set, which makes it just a bit easier on you.  Within the tool you can add and delete products, add and delete product categories, link products to multiple categories, change product attributes and options (pricing, sizes, etc), and add multiple images for each product. 


Accept Payment Online

Marketpath Storefront integrates with Authorize.Net, a trusted source for payment gateway services.  This integration allows you to accept and capture funds from customers with the click of a button, meaning that you get paid faster.

Want to know more?  Check out our Storefront Features page.


Ready to get started?

E-commerce projects are usually a bit more involved because of all of the variables that need worked out.  If you thinkMarketpath Storefront might be the solution for you and your company, go ahead and start the discussion with us by requesting a demo of the product.

If you're looking for a bit of custom functionality, go ahead and let us know.  We are always open to modifying and adding to our system to meet the needs of our clients. 


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