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If the old Internet saying "Content is King" is in fact true, then there is no better way to quickly enhance the relevance of your site than utilizing Marketpath's Blogging tool.  This easy-to-use addition to Marketpath CMS allows for the posting of blog articles on your very own website, not a 3rd party platform.  Blogging has proven to be a great aid for search engine optimization, as we have seen that sites with timely and relevant articles have significantly higher traffic that simple websites without blogs.  Blogs are a great way to establish your company as the expert in an industry, post newsworthy items, or allow visitors to start a two-way discussion right on your website (within the blog comments).  

Marketpath Business BloggingWhy Marketpath Blogging?

Our blogging platform was developed with search engine optimization in mind.  Continually adding relevant articles to your blog, on a normal content creation schedule will allow Google and other search engines to gain familiarity with your topics of conversation.  As each article is posted, Google is alerted of the new content which is then indexed quite a bit faster than typical, static content.  Blog tags and categories can also be used to create a "similar article" structure for your blog, allowing users to find relevant content much easier and faster than an overall site search feature.

The platform is easy to use, stable and secure.  Comments can be toggled on and off, and inappropriate comments can quickly be removed.  The WYSIWYG editor allows for text, pictures, videos, and other rich content to be utilized within any article.  Publishing an article is as simple as clicking one button.  Go here for a full list of Marketpath Blogging features.

Want to see Marketpath's Blogging tool in action?  Request a demo and we'd be happy to show it off. 

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